Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Keep The Good Things Rolling, MS, Amazon

by M. David Peterson

Microsoft Team RSS Blog : Windows RSS Platform Download Engine

Delta Encoding

In addition to standard conditional GETs the RSS Platform download engine supports Delta Encoding (for details, see Bob Wyman's post "Using RFC 3229 with Feeds") which allows the server to respond with only the feed items that are new or have been updated, thereby possibly reducing the response significantly.

It seems to me that there's a tendency for folks to believe that as our overall internet bandwidth capacity increases, our usage patterns of this bandwidth can justifiably increase as well. I'm glad to see that with the next version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft has taken the "less is better" approach. It's the right approach to take for sure.

There are several other key items worth noting... take a visit to the above post made earlier today by Walter from the RSS Team @ Microsoft.

Between Amazon's decision to provide support for BitTorrent in S3, and now Microsoft showcasing that they too understand that minimizing the overall bandwidth footprint is the responsible approach to take, it makes me proud to be able to call Seattle, WA, USA my home town (technically Kirkland, and even more technically I'm still in Salt Lake at the moment... none-the-less, Seattle/Kirkland is home. :)]. Given the overall attitude to reduce, reuse, recycle in the Puget Sound area, its not surprising to me to see this same attitude has found its way into the products built by folks who call the Puget Sound area home.



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