Ken Camp on Radio Handi Stream Codes

by Bruce Stewart

newradiohandilogo.jpgKen Camp has the skinny on my friend and colleague Brian McConnell's latest improvements to his innovative Radio Handi service - the addition of a Stream Code directory service.

Brian and I have talked a bit about this new Stream Codes Directory Service over the past couple of months. Here's an example of how unifying communications gives more freedom to users. This service can take Internet broadcasting to a new level. And audio streams really provide just an introduction. I expect to see other media streams in the directory in the future.

MP3 players are so common they're built into our phones today, but other consumer electronics devices can easily support streaming media. We've seen talk about place-shifting television with Slingbox and the like. This simple service can take the pain out of listening to podcasts and make it as simple as a radio. And it leads quickly to imbedded Internet radio. Or you can listen via the phone if you like...any phone.

Ken is really out in front with the VoIP news these days, whenever a new interesting announcement is made I can count on Ken having some insightful and practically instant coverage. I hope to get Brian to post more details about the Stream Code directory service and Radio Handi here on ETel in the near future.


Ken Camp
2006-09-07 12:55:03
Thanks for those very kind words Bruce. I've just been fortunate in talking to some right people at the right time lately. There's so much really great progress in the whole unified communications sector. I'll prod Brian to share the details more broadly as I see his latest effort as something with real consumer value as an integration tool.