Kevin Farnham Introduction

by Kevin Farnham

Hi! I'm Kevin Farnham, a career software developer, and sometimes editor and writer. Most of my software development work has been on Unix/Linux platforms, but I also have significant experience on Windows (especially on the server side). My core experience is in the areas of complex scientific programing (mathematical modeling and simulation) and high volume data processing and data access. I've worked with multiprocessor systems, and developed multithreaded applications, for a very long time.

As you can see from the articles I've published on the O'Reilly Network (click the Articles tab on my O'Reilly Network profile page to see the articles list), I've worked with quite a few Linux distributions. My current favorite is Gentoo -- because it lets me have exactly what I want to have in my system, and nothing more. I use XFCE as my desktop environment. Again, it gives me what I need, without extraneous clutter.

I've just started working on a new project involving Intel's Threading Building Blocks, a C++ template library that simplifies development of multithreaded software for use on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. With multicore processors quickly becoming the norm, software development is going to have to change -- otherwise, applications will utilize only a small portion of the available processing power on modern PCs. I'll be posting quite a lot about that specific topic area in my blog on the Intel Software Network Blogs site.

As for other interests: I often find myself "overly" fascinated by subjects that would appear to many to be obscure, such as how bootloaders work, the poetry of the Middle English author known as "the Pearl Poet", the significance of quantum mechanics, algorithms, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge's philosophy of Nature. Right now, in addition to my studies of Threading Building Blocks, I'm reading "Causality and Chance in Modern Physics" by David Bohm, and I'm rereading John Milton's "Paradise Lost". All quite good brain exercise, I think!

What's up next for me is: OSCON! I'll be attending next week for the first time. It will also be my first visit to Portland, Oregon. When I'm not attending tutorials or sessions, you'll probably be able to find me hanging out at the Intel and O'Reilly booths, or somewhere nearby. Let me know if you'd like to connect.

And I'll be sure to post here, from there.