Kevin Farnham on Introduction

by Kevin Farnham


Hi! My name is Kevin Farnham. I am a software engineer, technology writer, and editor with almost three decades of work experience. I'm currently working with O'Reilly Media as a Managing Editor of the AOL Developer Community ( I live in the Northeastern U.S., in a fairly rural area not too far from Boston. I like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Giants (football). In college, I majored in both Physics and English. After college, I acquired a serious interest in economics, business, and finance.

Since most of the work I've done in my professional career has been in the field of software development, and since I've often done that work as a freelance consultant or through my own little company, I've paid close attention to technology developments as they've occured over the years. If you're a consultant, most of the available work is at or near the current cutting edge, so you need to keep your working skill set very up to date. That's actually a good idea for any professional in software and computer technology related fields. Technology changes fast!

So, in trying to keep myself up to date in terms of the state of the art in software technology over all those years, I've of course worked with a lot of different technologies. To summarize things, I'd say about 2/3 of my software engineering work was scientific programming, starting with programming HP's Rocky Mountain Basic on HP-9845A computers. In later years, most of my scientific programming has been on Unix/Linux platforms, working in C, Perl, Python, and SQL. Much of my recent non-scientific programming has been on Microsoft Windows platforms, using C#, Visual C++, and SQL Server. Along the way, I've also done considerable work involving XML/XSLT, web scripting (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), some Java, Visual Basic, etc.

I've also done a lot of professional writing, including internal documents for companies (software user manuals, etc.), freelance computer technology articles for various web sites and magazines, and a book for parents and teens on how to use safely. And I have participated in the production of about 15 software engineering and software applications books as technical editor or technical reviewer.

KF on

On, I plan to write about some of the technologies that interest me with respect to the growth and transformation of the Web that is currently under way. What's happening today is fascinating. The Web is beginning to fulfill the promise that was evident in the late 1990s, but today's development includes much that was not anticipated back then. I plan to take a look at what's happening, and I hope I can contribute some interesting posts and comments to the community.


M. David Peterson
2007-02-24 17:14:20
Welcome, Kevin! Was wondering when you were going to announce your arrival. :)