Keywords Got The Power

by Ken Milburn

One thing I'm re-discovering as Lightroom makes maintenance chores easier, is the power of keywords when it comes to assembling candidates for a project-type, such as one-off books, greeting cards, calendars, and stock photo categories is the power of keywords.

Lightroom now "remembers" the keywords you've recently used most frequently. So, as soon as you find one image that meets the criteria, go to the Library module and enter a keyword for that criteria...such as greetings. At the same time, enter any other criteria that may pertain.

Now, here comes the magic part: In the Library panel, choose All Photographs. Now, both the Filmstrip and the Grid View will show all the photographs you've ever Imported into Lightroom. Now go to the find panel and enter the keyword for the category you're looking for (in this case, Greeting). You'll instantly see only the photos that you've given that classification. You can also have categories within categories by Finding two keywords, in this case, Greeting and Birds. So you could instantly collect all the candidates for Greeting cards that featured birds, trees, nature close-ups, flowers, etc. Pretty dang slick, don't you think?