Kiko Didn't Fail Because of Google Calendar...

by M. David Peterson

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Kiko sold

I'm confused as to how anyone can define this as good. After you take out however much the investors get back after investing $50,000 there really isn't much left for the three employees to split especially when you remember that one of the things you do as the founder of a startup is not pay yourself that much. At best I can see this coming out as a wash (i.e. the money made from the sale of Kiko is about the same as if the founders had spent the time getting paid working for Google or Yahoo! as full time employees) but I could be wrong. I'd be surprised if it was otherwise.

Like Dare, I'm confused, but for one additional reason...

$50,000??? Google Calendar didn't kill Kiko. Underfunding killed Kiko!


anjan bacchu
2006-08-28 22:59:11
hi there,

it finally sold for more than quarter millions 2 days back.


M. David Peterson
2006-08-29 04:28:16
Hi anjan,

Yeah, I noticed that... And as long as the buyer has plans to integrate the app into something more than an online calendar, then I'd say they got a hell of deal at a 1/4 mill!

What I don't understand is the notion that nobody ever considered the idea of putting more into the product than its development. Did they honestly believe that marketing the product they built wasn't something they needed to be concerned with?