Kleptones - The Next DJ Danger Mouse

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://www.kleptones.com/pages/downloads_hiphopera.html

Remember Grey Tuesday? No? DJ Danger Mouse combined the Beatles' White Album with Jay Z's Black Album to make the Grey Album. It was hit across the P2P networks once word got out.. except with Sony Music/ATV Publishing. And now The Kleptones look like a fresh target.

Waxy.org, Andy Baio, has received a cease and desist order from Disney the owner of copyright for a bunch of Queen songs... that's right. Party on Garth!

He was linking to (and looked like he was hosting) copies of The Kleptone's - A Night At The Hip-Hopera. A brilliant mashup of dusty Queen songs and various hip hop artists I'd never heard of before. And they've ordered him to stop it!

I found the album, from waxy actually, and have been enjoying the album for at least a month or so. I feel compelled to share this list of new mirrors that have sprung up. One of which is me.

So, it looks like the fight is on again for people to be able to sample other's work to create new derivative works. What baffles me about this is that the album was never for sale and if anything it would drive sales of the originals.

I emailed Eric Kleptone, no idea if that's his real name, but he says they've not received their cease-and-desist yet & he's preparing for the worst.


2004-11-17 14:33:47
Torrents are also available
2004-11-17 14:36:27
Torrents are also available
Lets try this again (no preview button :-( )
Kleptones torrents are also available.
2004-11-17 14:39:09
Torrents are also available
Whoops should have mentioned that. Nice catch.

That being said some more hardlinks are good to show solidarity. You can email me so O'Reilly doesn't become on the hook for providing mirror link... if you know what I mean. steve @ fooworks dot com I'll post them at fooworks.com & ping Waxy's list as well.