Kudos to Apple. Getting PHP & MySQL on my ibook.

by Steve Mallett

So, I've had my ibook for close to seven months now & I just got around to putting, or 'activating' PHP and MySQL on it yesterday.

I have a few boxen around here so it was never a priority. I also don't travel that much. And with the proliferation of high-speed a connection has become the platform. That's another post.

So I got down to it yesterday and here's what I found:

Ironically the first thing that the Apple Internet Developer site does is point you off site to a helpful one.

Think about this. Here is a big company that instead of trying to cover up or dismiss an incompatibility "Note: There is an known incompatibility between PHP 4.1 and MacOS X version 10.1.2." it steps up to the plate for the users, says there's a problem and not only helps insure you can get around it, but tells you that Joe Blow hacker (Marc) in this case has a fix!

This sounds not like a company, but a member of a community. Hats off.

More instruction on what I did here.