Kudos to the iTunes Music Store

by Jason Deraleau

Sure it's been around for a few months, but that doesn't keep the iTunes Music Store out of the news. With the rise of the recent BuyMusic service, Apple's music service is once again brought into the limelight (if you're a Mac user, don't bother trying to open that site, it doesn't like non-Windows users). This week, several writers in the media have stepped forward with confessions of their use of the BuyMusic service. Writers from the Washington Post and USA Today have both compared the shabbiness of BuyMusic to the elegance and simplicity of the iTMS. It definitely looks like Apple is becoming the dominant force in this market as well. iTunes for Windows will certainly kick things up even further. The next six months should prove interesting.

I think I'll go buy some tunes to celebrate.

Tried BuyMusic? What do you think?


2003-07-30 20:44:19
WebObjects and Xserves behind the scenes!
I read somewhere that the entire iTunes back end was put together using Apple's powerful WebObjects technology acquired from NeXT -- all running on OS X Server on top of Xserve hardware -- good to see Apple strong on the back end of its services business and not just in the arena of desktop and hand-held (iPod) machines!
2003-08-01 14:02:28
a test of buymusic
this weblog tested buymusic


it didn't fare very well

2003-08-10 14:50:59