Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Photography Time

by Derrick Story

In my previous prognostications, I had predicted that there would be more than music discussed during the Oct. 12 "One More Thing..." media event. Indeed, Steve Jobs introduced the new iMac with Front Row, built-in iSight, and tons of goodies.

But I could have sworn there would have been an imaging announcement on the 12th too. I left the California Theater happy with what I heard, but scratching my head about the whole photo thing. That's because I didn't know at the time Apple had another media event planned. This week, they are gathering the troops again in New York City to make an announcement in conjunction with PhotoPlus Expo. There's my photography announcement, dang it.

I'm bringing this up because it's clear that Apple has no intention of being a one-trick iPod company. Apple interests are much broader than that. You don't think computing is important to them? Wrong! They are very serious about the Mac, OS X, and the professional apps that run on it. And if you attended the NAB show earlier this year, you saw how they dominated the floor with Final Cut Studio and related products.

Now it's time for photography. This week you're going to see the same serious intentions in this medium that we've witnessed in digital video and music. And when you roll the whole thing up -- Unix platform, music, video, hardware, enterprise computing, and now photography -- it will be clear that Apple is more than a company that makes iPods.