Language Design for 9-to-5 Cogs

by chromatic

Aristotle Pagaltzis takes the anti-closure Java camp to task for lousy arguments against adding new features to Java. I'm okay with taking a strong stance about the purpose of a language ("It's for web development!" or "It should be highly efficient!" or "It should be easy for teaching novice programmers!"), but I've never understood the argument against adding features because you don't think average programmers will understand them immediately.

Designing a feature well is important (and still sadly too much a matter of taste), but there's no useful language that can prevent bad developers from writing bad code.


Stephen Howard
2006-08-24 18:48:32
I'll admit I hadn't realized you were leading up to an april fools joke when I first submitted that to reddit. Lets just leave it at that I had some faith in that you might turn something silly into something profound. Color me foolish :)
2006-08-25 11:10:02
Stephen, it's not entirely a joke. I like to think that the series makes a lot of serious points, however obliquely.

(Then again, I should know better about being subtle on the Internet.)