Las Vegas: Utopia of Clowns

by William Grosso

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One of the great things about the web (and about weblogs) is that you can limit your exposure to any one particular person. Unlike traditional social situations, where a half-drunk lunatic can totally ruin a party by clutching at your sleeve and yammering on for hours, in the world of the web you can always type in a new url and leave.

I'm pretty sure that, if I met James Howard Kunstler at a party, I would wind up bored to tears. On the web, on the other hand, he is to be savored ....

So Alan Greenspan kicked off the week by declaring that America's economic infrastructure was fundamentally sound. Apparently he hasn't noticed that we have become a nation of fat-assed infotainment zombies living in a toxic medium of car dependency, non-stop advertising, sugar addiction, and credit card binging.

It's high quality ranting (along with a large dollop of purely irrational anger). And quite interesting. At least, when taken in small, carefully controlled, doses.

Who else writes a good weblog (but would be an awful dinner guest)?