Last-minute business RSS

by Matthew Langham

If you're an RSS junkie like I am, then your second most active program (after the browser) on the desktop is probably some form of RSS aggregator.

When I'm pressed for time - as seems to be most days now, a quick glance over the subscribed feeds in the morning prepares me for the day. My reading is a collection of weblogs and news feeds - much the same as I am sure your RSS aggregator feeds off.

But there is something missing.

Business Data.

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now and the advent of the holiday season seems to be a good idea to ask the following questions:

Where is the Travelocity last minute travel feed for my New Years vacation, split into channels per location? See a vacation you like in your aggregator? Click on the link and "buy now". Yes it's advertising - but it's also information I happen to be interested in.

Where is the TOYS'R'US special offer channel for toys (with perhaps a separate channel per interest)?

Even O'Reilly has yet to catch on to what is possible. Why can't I get this as an RSS feed also? Or monitor new career opportunities from here using my aggregator?

Imagine how up to date the data could be that arrives into your aggregator - and as YOU subscribe, YOU can control what you read and for how long you want to read the feed.

What easier format could there be for businesses to publish business data in? The client side of things is slowly becoming ubiquitous and frameworks like Apache Cocoon make publishing XML easy.Of course there are already lots of XML formats for publishing business data. But RSS is a no-brainer and the infrastructure is already in place.

Aggregating business data into RSS is the next wave. If this takes off (and why shouldn't it) what's to stop business software from say SAP from producing RSS feeds out of the box?

Just imagine.

What other RSS-business data would you like to see?


2002-12-14 07:05:18
Google News search results
Hey Matt,

Steve Mallett here. I'd love to have Google's News search for specific search terms over RSS.

Has anything changed in the news world for "open source", "Linux" & "Mac OS X"? Right now I'd have to surf over to Google News every half hour. Browsers are so yesterday.

2002-12-14 09:22:24
Google News search results
Ask and you shall have already received!
Well, maybe...
You might be able to craft your own. There is already a set of Google News RSS feeds, by category, here:

Using the above, you might be able to create a Google Linux News RSS feed that would include:

I haven't tested any of this myself, so I can't claim any warranty of fitness...

2002-12-14 16:54:30
Yahoo Finance RSS?

2002-12-15 02:19:02
Yahoo Finance RSS?
Obviously sites like Google and Yahoo are already on the RSS wave. However, I am talking more about companies like travel-agents (last minute vacations), large online stores (xmas bargains), airlines (last minute flights), publishers (new books or top sellers), auto dealers (just in bargains). Stuff like that.


2002-12-16 08:46:24
Christian Science Monitor provides business/news feed
One of my favorite on-line news sources provides its daily news in RSS feeds. Check out the available feeds at:

For those who are unfamiliar with the CSM, it is one of the top news organizations in the world. Its ownership is christian, but its news is not reflective of that. They are as good a news source as you'll find anywhere.

2002-12-17 13:26:26
Hi Matthew.

Interesting article. Just thought I'd mention one of our mechanisms we use at work already generates RSS out of SAP R/3, specifically related to orders and order proposals. Works really well, the satellite apps can consume the data using standard tools. I've also been looking at ways I can use the RDF characteristics of RSS to enhance and extend the meaning of what is being pushed out (relationships to other business entities, and so on).

I think there's a lot of mileage (and fun) to be had from introducing REST and RDF ideas to the business data and functions that R/3 oozes. (I had mentioned some previous thoughts on my weblog earlier this year too).


2003-11-25 20:09:25
News Search At

Now you can search news at from news sites and weblogs and associated RSS feeds.

2003-12-02 00:08:25
Latest Discounts via RSS
I think that you are looking for something like Discount Watcher.

The service continually searches the Internet for the latest discounted items, organizes them by category and by store, then lists them in reverse chronological order. The site is fully RSS enabled - you can subscribe to any category, store or search.