Laszlo Webtop

by Shashank Tiwari

Laszlo Systems announced the beta release of its latest product (or should I say framework) to help make AJAX/RIA development easier. Its called "Laszlo Webtop" and its aim is to help do two things - (1) provide the infrastructure to create a desktop on the web(or should I call it Portal 3.0) and (2) continue the effort of providing server side infrastructure for Java developers to utilize the tools, libraries and container services that already work well for them.

This is built on OpenLaszlo, but is a commercial offering. Laszlo has what they call an early access program to testdrive this framework. So if you are interested, you would have to request for it through their website -


2007-02-08 12:52:54
A separate windowing system inside browser window? Stupid. Ineffective. More bloat. Against the trend of integrating web and native OS.
2007-02-09 07:44:55
"Against the trend of integrating web and native OS"

Since when and especially where that "became" trend???

2007-02-10 04:30:11
If you develop AJAX, Flash or Java based portals running inside the browser, on embedded devices and terminals there definitely is the need for an infrastructure and APIs at a higher level than the components you get with a good framework. Well, some AJAX toolkits don't even offer you a component set.
If you plan to launch a new portal with multiple-windows interface, complex interaction processes and IM functionality, do you really want to start from scratch? Laszlo Webtop is a lot more than a framework for AJAX/RIA development. As far as I know there's nothing out there with similar capabilities, I doubt there is one term around right now which totally describes what you get with that package.
After the product release it will be a lot easier to understand how powerful that concept is.
Zvi Schreiber
2007-03-15 23:46:24
"A separate windowing system inside browser window? Stupid. Ineffective." - I disagree with Michael who perhaps only ever uses his own PC. For all the Internet users who are logging on in schools, workplaces, Internet cafes, integration with the local OS is not an option and a full Web OS within the browser is the way to go.

We are also developing a full Web desktop an OS also using OpenLaszlo at and from the early response it is clear that this is hugely valuable for anyone who wants to be mobile but not carry a laptop.