Launching our podcast page

by Daniel H. Steinberg

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Launching our podcast page

What a great week for podcasting. I'm in Ontario, CA (California and not Canada) for the debut of the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference. Yesterday I was one of the presenters at Doug Kaye's Podcast Academy. That was a total blast. There are a lot of impressive people doing good work in this space.

That's partly why we're launching the O'Reilly Podcast Page. In the right column you'll find some of the episodes that caught our attention lately. In the left column you'll find some articles that have appeared on the O'Reilly Network recently on podcasting. In the center of the page you'll find some of our own podcasts with the most recent episodes listed. It's still early days for us, but we're having a great time with audio.

Currently we have four feeds listed in the center column. Distributing the Future is a show I've been producing for a couple of months. The most recent episode is Web 2.0 Day Three. This includes "Vinod Khosla from Kleiner Perkins on the overabundance of money, Scott Cook of Intuit on learning from customers, Sergey Brin on the current state of Google, Dick Hardt on identity, and Safa Rashtchy talks to five teens." Check out this 50 second promo for this episode.

The FOO Casts feed contains podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends. This includes the three shows that David Pogue did on Mac OS X Tiger including his look at Automator. There is also our preview for EuroOSCON that we did with conference co-chair Nat Torkington. Most recently is the Jonathan Schwartz and Mitchell Baker session with Tim O'Reilly at Web 2.0.

We include the ITConversations O'Reilly Pick of the Week. Although we don't produce these ourselves, Doug Kaye invited us head down to his vault and pick out a great episode from the past and feature it for the week. This week we feature an interview with Steve McConnell on Software Engineering.

Our fourth podcast in the central column is the MAKE magazine podcast. In this, and many other areas, Phil Torrone shows us the way. Check out his classic cast on creating an enhanced podcast. Of course, Phil is here at the podcasting show presenting on podcast hacking.

Any way - I'll post more next week on this show and other thoughts on podcasting. Join in the conversation and help us find our way.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about the bug with the microphone.

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2005-11-18 08:35:29
Podcast Format
Looking forward to making frequent visits
for podcasts. I might have missed it but
any thoughts on providing Ogg Vorbis format?

Ray Cefola