Laurent is a champ!

by Gregory Brown

Though I'm typing this from a Mac right now, I'm hardly a fan boy. I spend a little less than half of my time on OS X, the rest spent on cheap PC hardware and ArchLinux, and honestly, I'm happy with both (each for different reasons)

Still, Apple definitely got some things right, and not the least of which was hiring Laurent Sansonetti. He's the guy who's been working on cool projects such as RubyCocoa and RubyOSA, and now has just released MacRuby.

MacRuby sounds cool:

MacRuby is a version of Ruby that runs on top of Objective-C. More precisely, MacRuby is currently a port of the Ruby 1.9 implementation for the Objective-C runtime and garbage collector.

Though I'm not actively doing Mac specific Ruby development, that doesn't mean I can't extend thanks to a very cool hacker who has been dropping cool free software projects on our community like it was his job.... oh wait... it is. :)

Thanks Laurent for your contributions! You're one of the reasons why the Ruby community rocks.


Chad Fowler
2008-03-16 10:09:08
While it's true that Laurent is a champ, it's not true that he wrote RubyCocoa. He is a major contributor but not the original author.
Gregory Brown
2008-03-16 11:12:41
Oh, thanks for pointing this out Chad.

My apologies to Fujimoto Hisa!

RubyCocoa Authors list:*checkout*/rubycocoa/trunk/src/AUTHORS