Learn Java in 14 Lines! by Frank Willison

by Steve Anglin

In Memory of Frank Willison, O'Reilly Editor in Chief, we find his take on learning Java with a sample tutorial sonnet, "Alas! I Married a Java Applet!," from his Learn Java in 14 Lines!


Alas! I Married a Java Applet!

My parents pled with ardent supplication,

That I should, if I marry, wed a lass.

But I chose you, a Java application,

And one, I blush to say, not from our class.

At first, you were both colorful and quick;

And on your speedy access I did dote.

Though on our Wedding Day we seemed to click,

O'er time, you grew increasingly... remote.

It seems that other users came to search you,

O'er all of us, your favors did you spread.

Though virtual, you knew not much of virtue,

Our love affair left hanging by a thread.

Romantic love with applets is most terrible.

I wish you weren't installed so network-shareable.

-- Frank Willison, O'Reilly Editor in Chief

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