Learn XForms Today: XForms Institute

by Micah Dubinko

Related link: http://xformsinstitute.com

Several folks have asked me for a gentler tutorial to W3C XForms. Several other folks have asked to see some examples of "real-world" XForms. Here are both, together on one fun site.

The site has what you'd expect from a tutorial: progressive lessons, each building upon the last. It also has interactive quizzes, written without script in XForms. These run fine in nearly any browser, thanks to a remarkable Flash program called DENG, the Desktop Engine.

In a mere 120k of SWF files, this small applet implements a huge swipe of XForms, XHTML, and CSS level 3. Each live example includes a "View Source" link so that you can see how it works in the full context of a complete document.

Please link to XFI.

This isn't the end--there's more on the way too. -m