Learning Grok Web Framework Helps You Meet Women

by Noah Gift

Apparently, if you learn the hot, new, buzzworthy, Grok Python Web Framework, it helps you meet women. Grok was built on top of Zope, and I used it to build my website, and I think it is rather sexy. I have all the buzzwords, AJAX, Google Mashup, Python, Grok, JQuery, although I might need to do something with Comet..hmmm.


2008-03-23 19:11:53
Wow. I guess the women have to use something else then?
Noah Gift
2008-03-23 19:19:20
I see no reason why they can't do a similar display with two guys with ripped abs :)
Lennart Regebro
2008-03-24 04:48:48
Hey! That's not how the neandertal women looks in Discovery Channel programs!