Learning Perl Study Guide

by brian d foy

A while ago I wrote the Learning Perl Study Guide for O'Reilly. It's 64 pages of additional exercises and answers for the end-of-chapter exercises in Learning Perl, 4th Edition. At the moment it's available through Pearson educational channels as a bundle with Learning Perl. At Stonehenge we use these guides in our Perl trainings.

To make my study guide available to everyone, I bought a big box of them and am selling them at cost myself. O'Reilly's already paid me for the work and I just want to make the study guide available to anyone who wants it. The cover price is $19.99 (US) and $25.99 (Canada), but I'm selling it at $14 (North America) and $18 (everywhere else). That's a flat price that already includes taxes, shipping, and everything else.

And, since it's just me selling these out of my home office, I can give people a break on bulk orders and special deals. Just ask!