Learning to live with Eudora

by Giles Turnbull

(Compare and contrast with Learning to live with Thunderbird.)

When I actually stopped to think carefully about it, I couldn't remember what good reason I had to stop using Eudora in the first place.

I think it was the attraction of Mail in Tiger, and the thought that I might be able to make use of Spotlight searching and Smart Folders. So I left Eudora behind and switched to Mail, but that was really the beginning of months of problems. Mail has so many nice features but slowed me down too much. Then I tried Thunderbird, which lacks some of the same slickness but was more dependable.

But even Thunderbird kept slowing down. When it slowed down once too often for me, I went and downloaded the most recent version of Eudora, installed it and set it up, and was back inside its familiar interface within 30 minutes. And I found that I should never have left it behind.


2006-03-08 08:37:35
I loved Eudora, but finally gave it up. The thing the frustrated me the most was its inability to display HTML-formatted messages, which is just inexcuseable in this era of WebKit.

But I am very frustrated with some aspects of Apple's mail -- particularly its baffling blindness to obvious spam and the killer bug where if a server is temporarily unreachable, it takes the whole app offline until manual intervention is made.

So I hope to return to Eudora when the next version comes out. I wrote a pice on the frustration of switching to Apple mail in my blog a couple months ago:


2006-03-08 21:22:20
Re: No manner of clicking on links makes them open in the background.

Can that be done with Apple Mail? Pretty sure I've checked all the modifier-key-click combinations (can't double-check right now) and didn't discover one that opened a link in the background.

@Mike: My FastMail accounts went offline today (server outage) and later I noticed they were back online without having interacted with them. Maybe it was activity in my other accounts during that time that eventually brought the inactive FM ones online?

Hauke Fath
2006-03-09 03:55:04
| It insists on using its own Out folder instead of the
| Sent messages folder I want it to use on the IMAP server

Well -- set up a filter that copies all outgoing mail to the imap server-side "Sent" folder, and you're set.

2006-03-09 08:03:46
I left Eudora for Thunderbird because of IMAP problems in Eudora at the time; that was about 3 ago. There was a lot I liked about Eudora in the 10 yrs or so I used it, though not how it handled attachments. Any comments on that, Giles?
2006-03-09 09:52:11
I found a way to (almost) get Eudora to open a URL in the background. What it does is open the URL with your default web browser, then bring Eudora bakc to front. It's pretty fast, so it's almost what you're asking for.

Paste the following into a new script in Script Editor, then save as a Stay-Open application. Then choose this as Eudora's web browser by command-clicking a URL in an email:

-- version 1.1, Daniel A. Shockley (http://www.danshockley.com)

on open location someURL
-- display dialog someURL
tell application "System Events" to open location someURL
tell application "Eudora" to activate
end open location

on «event aevtansr» someData
-- this handler just needs to be here for Eudora to properly send an open location event?
end «event aevtansr»

2006-03-10 11:15:49
I've been using Eudora for >10yrs, since it's beginning days as a POP client for all my business e-mail.
On the side, I've been trying Apple Mail lately for my various other personal e-mail accounts. But there's at least one thing in Apple Mail that annoys me and prevents me from switching over completely... (aside from the fact that I actually prefer Eudora's multi-window interface)

in Apple Mail, there seems to be no way to have Rules apply to all outgoing messages (unlike filtering in Eudora). And so, all outgoing messages just get filed away in the Sent mailboxes.

of course you can use 3rd party Mail Scripts or later manually move messages, but anyhow it requires an extra step to keep all conversation threads filed away together, including your own sent messages.

Why oh why can't Rules simply be applied also to outgoing messages???
Am I missing something?

2006-03-10 16:03:47
@ DaveA: I'm quite happy with Eudora's treatment of attachments. I like attached files to stay just that - attached files that I can view as and when I choose. I dislike clients that display them embedded.
2006-03-11 08:51:00
I stopped liking Eudora when several mail accounts for "in" and several options for "out" started to cause a mess in my setup. Also, for some reason I started to dislike the use of "Dominant" instead of 'default' as a word. In the way it was set up, Eudora always felt, like Microsoft Word, as a program that someone who definitely shouldn't be structuring software did it anyway. Yet for some years a long while back, it was acceptable, and as you say, it "performed".

Apple Mail under OS X Tiger has resolved some previous problems - being able to do a much better mbox-file-import, for example. I've been helping my junk filter now since some years - and it's a great filter now. It really works. And I don't get that 'rejected password' bug you are talking about. But I don't check my mail THAT often - and full mailboxes tend to cause longer connection times, and so maybe that could be a problem if you don't get your mail but a password dialog instead. Try keeping your online-mailbox below 5 MB and then see if you still get these errors.

I love Apple Mail's ability to downsize image attachments before sending them. That's extremely useful. And I do like the extremely simple interface.

Also, I can command-click a URL in Apple Mail and have it load in the background in Firefox.

ken tompkins
2006-03-12 12:34:36
I have used Eudora (Mac) for many years though from time-to-time I have been seduced away from her by something which promises a good time. That infatuation doesn't last long.

Somehow, a year or so ago, all URLs typed/pasted in a message are reduced -- upon receipt -- to size 6 or smaller font. My colleagues complain that they cannot read my URLs. I have done everything I could think of to fix the problem -- including pushing my way into Qualcomm's Eudora/Mac forum. Strangely, I never received even one reply to my query there.

So, for a year, I have had to "enlarge" the size of all my URLs to
Big by hand. Needless to say, my love for Eudora has been on the wane since.

If anyone has any ideas about fixing the problem, I'd be grateful and I can then go back to the old girl with renewed vigor and purpose.

2006-03-13 16:12:35
Re: Also, I can command-click a URL in Apple Mail and have it load in the background in Firefox.

But doesn't that also make Firefox the active app? What I'd like is to open a URL (with Safari) from Mail *and* have Mail remain the active app.

Marc Bizer
2006-03-14 09:29:47
The Toolbar is also useful to giving you ready access to mailboxes (for drag and drop), especially for those a level or so deep.