Leave your Joost Feedback here

by Erica Sadun

Here's a post for everyone who's now received their Joost invites. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of Joost and how well things are running on your machine. Also, I can't seem to get into the "invite status" widget today, so please let me know that you've received your invites and whether it was relatively easy to get signed up.


2007-05-09 11:31:52
Got your invite, thanks, got signed up, downloaded the software, dragged it into the Apps folder, ran it, logged in... kaboom, it unexpectedly quit. Now, it starts up and just sits there in the background with no menu, no nothing, and has to be forced to quit. Impressive.

MacBook Pro, 17", Core Duo, 10.4.9

Erica Sadun
2007-05-09 11:48:51
Tycho: I'm finding this morning that I have to leave it runnign for a few minutes before it gets to the start screen. I think they're getting slammed by new users.
2007-05-09 12:21:04
Does this mean you made it through the list? I was about 10 or 11 down the list and haven't received an invite.
2007-05-09 12:59:12
Looks like Joost doesn't run on my 12" powerbook :(
2007-05-09 13:10:13
I got it now. Thanks!
2007-05-09 13:23:16
I got into the beta program and didn't use an invite, but Joost and In2tv.com blew out my ethernet port... *sigh* All that streaming. Everything else about it was good, but I hope they get more of a selection soon.
Dick Applebaum
2007-05-09 13:42:19
Thanks for the invite.

Some problems...

Joost runs with some crashes on a minimal 1-gen iMac 17 (The Developewr Transition Kit replacement) + Maxed RAM

Joost won't run a all on a 1-gen Intel mini. Amessage appears at startup that says that Joost needs to be upgraded-- same dload & install as on the iMac.

I might fiddle with getting joost running on AppleTV, but I don't want to replace FrontRow with CenterStage.

My first impression of joost: very good-- surprising quality for Internet TV.


2007-05-09 14:05:49
I got Joost up and running. It works very well with my 15" MacBookPro. Thanks for the invite.
Raymond McCrae
2007-05-09 14:09:42
Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I have a PPC mac, so I'll not be able to enjoy the goodness of Joost until my next upgrade cycle.
2007-05-09 15:15:47
Got the invite thank you so much! App works great not all that impressed with the video quality but for IPTV guess its as good as its gonna get for now.

Macbook Pro, 15", Core 2 Duo 10.4.9

Giuseppe Alletti
2007-05-09 15:32:01
Hey, thanks for the invite!
Downloaded and fired on a 17" MacBook Pro 2.33
It took a while before it showed anything, and after that... only darkness. Doesn't seem able to get any program at all.
I'll have more tests soon.
Michael Clark
2007-05-09 16:20:47
I got the invite, and downloaded the software. Then I realized that Joost requires an Intel-based Mac. :( Oh well, hopefully in the Fall I can get a new machine.
2007-05-09 16:51:57
Uh, lets see, where to start-oh, I know- no Joost for PPC. There, I'm done.
Dick Applebaum
2007-05-09 18:29:20
Follow up...

Was able to get Joost running on AppleTV without too much trouble. Navigation is hit or miss because of small fonts, missing titles, and way-too-small thumbnail images.

Picture quality was mostly fair to good on a 40" HDTV-- in fact a couple of shows were very good quality.

Some older shows like the refederator cartoons (from as far back as 50 years ago) looked about the same as if you played them on a regular TV-- as expected.

Overall, Kinda' like Video Podcast quality-- some are some, and some are not!

I am hoping to get a lot from the soccer channel, as the grandkids start practice in a few weeks.


2007-05-09 19:05:35
I got the invite. Thanks. It took forever for the UI to show-up on my first start. Once I got started I was getting an error trying to view shows though. I will try again tomorrow when I have more time.
Elizabeth Perry
2007-05-09 19:51:56
Thanks. Got the invitation and it all downloaded and installed fine on my 15" MacBook Pro. Not finding a lot to watch yet, but so far, it's fun to explore.
2007-05-09 21:48:43
I wasn't on your invite list but I did sign up for their beta program. Unfortunately I cannot test their software, because I only own PowerPC based Macs. I think that they are making a mistake by not creating a Universal binary, and here is why.

I lived in a pre MS world from 1981 - 1987, a DOS world from 1987 - 1992, and a Windows world from 1993 - 2002. Since 2002 I have been both a Windows and Mac citizen only because I cannot get away from Windows at work. I'm a Software Designer by trade. During 1993 - 2002, I built more WinTel systems for personnel use and performed more hardware upgrades than 1981 - 1993 and 2002 - 2007 combined.

My 2002 G4 PowerPC still has tons of life left in it. Each release of Mac OS X just keeps getting better. The last PowerPC systems sold were in 2006. Mac systems last much longer than Windows systems. If my 2002 G4 lasts another 2-3 years it will have lasted longer than any system I have every owned. Unlike other Mac owners I have 3 other systems (1 notebook, 2 desktops). If the systems built in 2006 last as long as mine it will be between 2012 - 2016 before they need to be replaced. Why is this relevant?

Because there is a whole market segment of single household Mac users with PowerPC systems which Joost has chosen not to include in its plans. I'm sure Joost is counting on Mac users switching to Intel systems and therefor not needing to product a PowerPC version of their product. I think what they have failed to do is under estimated the longevity of Mac systems, overestimated the Mac users willingness to go out and buy something just because its new and shiny (an Intel Mac System) and depth of those potential customers' pocketbooks who currently own a single PowerPC system purchased with the last 24 months.

I'm not upset just pointing out the facts.

Chris Skerik
2007-05-09 22:18:09
Thanks for the invite, it plays great on my mac pro. will have to see how it is on the intel mini and 50" plasma...
Ignacio Garcia
2007-05-10 02:46:33
Thanks for the invite. I also had problems starting Joost for the first time (i run a macBook Pro Core 2 Duo, 10.4.9), but after waiting for a few minutes it just started and worked well.
For the moment the contents (channels) aren't very impressive, I hardly found something worth of attention, but I suppose that the next step will getting more sources. The video quality was good for a streaming and played seamlessly using my broadband connection.
I found unpleasant that some actions (ie. widgets) will only work on full screen mode. I'd like to have the possibility to do other stuff while i'm looking at something on Joost.
I haven't used it that much yet, but i'd like to have the possibility of adding my own channels from youtube, but also as rss from sites like http://tvrss.net/ (will it have BitTorrent integration at some point?)
2007-05-10 06:44:15
Thanks for the invite, so far it seems to be great. The channel selection isn't great, but I have watched Transformers and now some 5th gear.

Macbook, 2ghz duo, 10.4.9, 1.5gb

2007-05-10 12:53:05
Thanks for the invite! It's pretty neat stuff... seems happiest with about 100K/s bandwidth. The only glitch was getting my account... I got a weird red error "true" and tried a few other things until I realized the account had gonet through, but the acceptance page was flaking out.

I find the search for show function quite flaky. It would be nice to search more precisely a la Tivo, e.g. find Jackie Chan movies...

Rod in SFO
2007-05-10 13:38:56
Thanks again for the opportunity to test drive this.
Installation took three attempts.
Bottom line: this is far from ready for 'Prime Time'
Conceptually it is not a bad idea, but technical issues (VERY choppy reception, pixelated images) won't get my viewing share.

MacBook Pro, 15", 2.16 Core Duo, 2GB RAM
[dslextreme.com 4984 kbps / 452 kbps]
Internal net is Gigabit

Kevin Ollivier
2007-05-10 15:38:21
Thanks for the invite!

The pros: I didn't seem to have any major issues with setup, like others did (I'm using a MacPro). Channel selection isn't huge, but it had Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and I found Spider-Man too... There was stuff for me to watch. No commercials! Video quality was acceptable, though I agree with another poster that quality was like that of video podcasting, when there was a lot of movement or major scene changes, things got blurry at times. Good enough for free at least. :-)

The cons: Navigation felt a bit flaky - while browsing through videos I found that when I tried to highlight a show, sometimes it would highlight the show above or below and I'd have to wait for it to correct itself. I think it's just a little oversensitive to mouse movement. Video/channel selection was weak, though I suspect that will continue to improve as things get off the ground. Also, it didn't seem to respond to searches for particular genres and such, just titles. I wanted to browse by show, not just channels.

Overall, the cool factor and the fact that it had big name channels (not just 'independent' content) outweighed the technical glitches for me. I should note that I did run into the red "true" error, but maybe because of my programming background I realized I should try to login first before assuming something went wrong with the setup. ;-)

2007-05-12 00:17:36
Thanks for the invite. Installation was a breeze (Mac Pro). Video quality is so-so. Not seen many interesting channels yet, though.
2007-05-12 04:20:24
Thank you for the invite. I`m not able to get the program working.
When I try to start the program an error message instantly pops up. I`m gonna keep trying though. Thanks again Erica


2007-05-12 07:36:57
Can I get an invite?
2007-05-14 10:32:21
I would really appreciate an invite! If you're able, please send an invite too Ripoll.eduardo@gmail.com

THANKS!!!!!!!!!! In Advance

2007-05-15 12:41:07
Got the invite, signed in a blast. Love the program, the interface and the idea, but it seems to easy to crash. MacBook Black Edition
2007-05-15 17:48:41
Whatever. Joost sucks the big one. Don't know what shows all ya'll are watching, but the shit that I see I ain't interested in. I am staying with YouTube, Veoh, and Bit Torrent. Let me know when there is something on Joost that anyone cares anything about.
2007-05-18 06:22:56
Got Joost running on AppleTV without too much difficulty, like the other poster said navigation is a little tricky, you can't all the text. Also wasnt able to get out of the main list using the remote, had to control it using VNC to browse other menus and add channels. Incoming streams are quite jerky, they run better on my other machines. Unless there is a cable problem between my router and AppleTV there is something else going on
Eduardo Ripoll
2007-05-18 07:58:33
Thanks Erica for the invitation I will give out 100 joost invitation at http://joostinvitations.blogspot.com/ for free
2007-05-20 18:18:18
First impressions
- nice application: video with dashboard apps for chatting, etc. Nice design touches.
- video - in a YouTUbe world, very good. Good quality (sub VHS), very quick playback. Stalls sometimes.

- it's TV - unlike GooTube, you can't search for a word and find something. It's just TV shows. Thus, you can search for "science" but not "Richard Dawkins," as you are not searching content but channel and program descriptions. Incidentally, a "science" search gets results like "The Science of Speedboat Crashes."
- And of course, there are ads.

On a disappointing note, there doesn't seem to be anything global about it. You get globalized corporate culture, rather than global culture. You can get MuchMusic programs, but not CBC. A "Canada" search results in music (MuchMusic) and sports (Quebec snowboarding). Sports and music ads. That's the heart of it. And of course, there are ads by Hp and Virgin. It's TV culture, not internet culture.

McLuhan suggested our attitude to technology is like driving a car looking in the rear view mirror (and seeing stagecoaches). Internet TV has the same crazy predisposition. For example, if you stack up BBC digital TV against BBC internet video, TV wins. More user control. No DRM. No proprietary players and formats. Better user experience. We can watch digital TV on a computer and do whatever we want, but we can't easily watch BBC internet video on the same computer. It's a hassle; terrible quality, terrible clipped content, no user control over anything but play/pause and volume up/down.

Joost has the same problem. You can't record obviously. You can create a 'channel' of a saved search, which is cool. But overall, it's like just like TV -- but you can't skip the ads. Pitting digital TV/PVR against Joost, digital TV wins again.

It's crazy, really. Digital TV is delivered via a closed 'network' but the video format is open and standardized and users have as much control as the technology affords, and internet video (BBC or Joost) is delivered via an open, standardized, super-powerful network but the video format is closed, non-standardized, and users have very limited control.

Digital TV is better overall. GooTube has better search. Bittorrent has better content. All provide more control and freedom.

2007-05-22 18:35:28
can't run it since it doesn't support powerpc mac os.. :(
Joost Invitation
2007-05-23 20:23:51
Any invites still available? If so, I would be grateful. Thank you

2007-06-23 15:57:56
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2008-01-04 16:54:59
william ritter
2008-01-27 12:58:50
If I may,I do not have a websight and have never used a Blog.
I want to learn more from people that use joost and any + or- about it.If you will allow me,I really want an invte for joost and would like to be a part of what you are doing here.
Not ever being a part any blog,I really do not know how to work it.
Please if you could help me (show me how),I would be very gratefull.
2008-06-24 19:39:45
ads are way too loud. joost is stable but the heads up display that controls the app is unsightly.

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