Lee Falin: How I got started in Cocoa Programming

by Oliver Breidenbach

A post from a while ago, but nevertheless a success story for O'Reilly and MacDevCenter:

It all started last October. I was working in a typical Microsoft IT shop, and one of my asperations was to start my own software company. I had been reading Eric Sink's Business of Software articles and was basically trying to soak in every bit of advice that I could. I had a couple of ideas for the Windows market, and a number of false starts, but nothing that I felt like would be something I would want to build a business around.

Then I came across an mp3 recording of a panel discussion from the 2004 O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference from Niall Kennedy's blog.

This discussion featured Oliver Breidenbach, Steve Dekorte, Steve Gehrman, Will Shipley, Brent Simmons, and Dan Wood talking about various aspects of running software business in the Mac OS X world. There was something very different about this compared to the Microsoft Developer conferences that I had heard. I was instantly hooked. This was the market I wanted to be in, these were the people that I wanted as my peers.

This was written by Lee Falin in December of 2005 shortly after releasing his first product. Today he has released version 2 of Screen Mimic, an application for creating screencasts. Seems as if he is successful enough to sustain his dream.


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