LEGO Mindstorms R.I.P.

by Todd Ogasawara

The news reports say that the LEGO Group is expected to announce is worst pre-tax lost in its 72 history. The reports say that one of the casualties will be its LEGO Mindstorms product line.

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Lego fires two executives, mulls layoffs

I'll guess a lot of you grew up playing with LEGO blocks like me and couldn't wait to pass along this enthusiasm to your own kids when you started your own family. It is too bad that sales apparently did not justify keeping the LEGO Mindstorms line. I just hope LEGO finds a way to keep the LEGO Educational Division Dacta product alive.

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2004-01-12 00:44:23
A sign of the times
This is a huge shame, perhaps kids aren't interested in being technically creative anymore. I think Lego, particularly the Technics sets are more relevent to childrens education than ever. And indeed to adults, I think most Mindstorms users were men in their 30's/40's. Lego were very helpful when it came to people hacking into their Mindstorms RCX units and intelligently realised they had a new audience.
2004-01-12 11:45:23
Lego League and its activities
The end of Mindstorms is a chilling thought for those of us who teach technology and science programs. Mindstorms Robotics has become a core element of the program, fueled by the amazing ideas of the FIRST LEGO League which designs challenges for each year's competition. Is this really the end? The learning that goes on in our Robotics Club is beyond anything we do in other areas. This is very bad news indeed.
2004-02-18 17:12:30
Lego League and its activities
Make sure to read the article at It is a bit more optimistic.