leJOS 3.0 Release Candidate Available

by Ming Chow

Documentation and download are available at http://lejos.sourceforge.net/links.html. leJOS is the popular Java-based firmware for the first generation Lego Mindstorms RCX brick. This will be the final release of the firmware, and no surprise considering the recent release of the Lego Mindstorms NXT. So far as I tested, it is now compatible with Java 5.0. leJOS has been a blessing for me over the years. It was a part of my senior design project in college. I know many academics institutions still use it in programming and robotics classes. My thanks to the group's work over the years.


2006-11-01 05:51:12
With Lejos 3 i can't download the firmware (i use firmdl.bat from
bin directory); i read this message:

Tower error : bad ir link !

I have rcx 1.0 with RIS 2.0 and Serial Tower!
I use WinXP and jdk1.5.0_09 with all env variables setting
(classpath,JAVA_HOME,LEJOS_HOME,etc etc).

Why ?

Ming Chow
2006-11-02 12:08:30
Are you sure that you are setting the environment variable of "RCXTTY" correctly (e.g. "COM1" or "COM2"). Also, make sure that you have enough battery power (9V) for the tower. The last thing I can think of is change the range of your IR beam (the switch at the bottom of the tower).
2007-06-16 00:23:09
I've got the same problem:

Tower error: bad ir link

2007-07-29 03:31:41
I had the same problem, but i resolve.

It seem a problem with the microprocessor hyperthreading.

There is a new tower driver in mindstorm official web.