[len:QOTD] On Innocence and Corruption

by M. David Peterson

Ruminations on Turning 43 - O'Reilly XML Blog

Corruption is made of innocence.

'nuff said.


2006-06-28 09:46:43
The bit to pay attention to: if fear and frustration are the tap roots of the power, one has to quit obsessing over what they are going to lose to deny that power. Whatever the problems in the US today, when others choose nationalism as the insult to hurl at other nationalists, one is setting fires to put out other fires. Pretty soon, the world is burning in flames of 'self-righteous indignation'. It doesn't help.

So claim Canada as a refuge if you must, but Canadians will sooner or later wake up to the fact of the involvement of their own citizens. Then will they put those citizens into the same category or will they as the American Southerners did once upon a time sport bumper stickers that say "Put Your Heart In Canada or Get Your A** Out!".

If nationalism is a disease, the cure is not to catch it. Be happy about what you have and are. That way is contentment and enlightenment. But as soon as it becomes the metric for dividing those beneath you from those like you, it dissolves that well-being and spreads like the flu, with every breath and everything you touch.