Leopard Decreases the Need to Use Bridge for Aperture Users

by Ellen Anon

When I initially heard that Leopard was incorporating Cover Flow, I was less than impressed since, like Ben, it's a feature I never use in iTunes. But it turns out that it's a great feature for Aperture users, especially combined with Quick Look.

One of the primary reasons that I turn to Bridge is when I want to find or view an image that I haven't imported into Aperture. For example, perhaps I'm searching for an image a client sent me, or one that predates Aperture. Or perhaps while using Aperture I opened a version of a file in Photoshop, and then I went on to create another version in Photoshop that I never bothered to import into Aperture. Until now, using Bridge was the best way to quickly look for the files.

Now with Leopard I can use the Cover Flow mode and quickly search though the appropriate section of my computer with a visual preview of all my image files. That makes it efficient to locate a file, particularly when you've forgotten its name. Sometimes you'll need to look more closely at the file to make sure it's the one you want, particularly if you are browsing through an entire folder of images. Rather than having to wait while opening a program, select the image in the Finder while in Cover Flow mode, and press the Space bar. Quick Look immediately generates a large preview of the image . In addition, at the bottom of the preview there is a double edged arrow. Click on the arrow to make the preview appear full screen. It's impressive!


Josh Anon
2007-10-31 09:27:08
As an extra tip, when you're inside your project, use the search field in the top right to look for images within the project, and then you don't have to dig through random folders and files to just browse your images.