Leopard Developer Overviews

by Erica Sadun

If you haven't had a chance to pop over to Apple's Leopard developer overviews, you might want to make some time. To date, Apple has released three installments in their Leopard Technology Series. These include a Leopard technology overview, a Leopard devtools overview (Xcode 3.0), and a Leopard developer application technologies overview (i.e. integrating with iChat, animating user interfaces and so forth). If you're a registered developer, you can also log into ADC-on-iTunes to watch Leopard videos from WWDC.


Cameron Hayne
2006-12-14 19:13:38
I think you mean "if you are a registered developer who has paid for their membership". The WWDC videos are not available to the "registered developers" who have the free ADC membership.