Lessig in Three Seconds or Less -Update

by Steve Mallett

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A quick update on the best entries so far in our quest to get Lessig down to three seconds or less...

Remember the idea is to convy just enought that someone would be interested to engage in conversation about the larger issues while giving them some glimpse of insight into the issues from Lessig's talks and writing.

By my judging here are our top three entries thus far:

Freedom Pending by Usibilitymustdie: Wonderfully sarcastic. Somehow doesn't have a sense of urgency to find out more. I could be wrong. Comment below.

Shakespeare didn't copyright, why should you? by boringbot: This one gives me that "hmm yeah why should I?" response.

Free Mickey by Frequency451: Just plain nice, has a sense of urgency and you get that 'in shackles' kind of feeling. Also this one is more to the point that the often sighted "free the mouse" web buttons.

I don't think we've seen our best work thus far so keep 'em coming. Feel free to post further suggestions below and remember our prize, an in print O'Reilly book of your choice (from my pocket), will be choosen on Sept 19th/02

Can we do a bit better?????


2002-08-30 10:55:21
Not "Free Mickey"
"Free Mickey" doesn't give the sense of a larger problem. A good phrase should somehow give the impression that the problem is permeating throughout society; it isn't limited to a corporation's mascot.
Furthermore, the phrase says more about "Mickey" being in chains, instead of us. We're trying to unshackle ourselves, not help a corporation, which is the sentiment implied if you don't know much about the topic.
2002-08-30 11:04:17
More Comments Sought on -> Not "Free Mickey"
Do others agree with ftobin on this? I didn't see that the first time, but I can see how others would.
2002-08-30 12:17:24
What Would Walt Do?
Is copyright a one-way street in Disneyland?
2002-08-30 12:17:25
What Would Walt Do?
Is copyright a one-way street in Disneyland?
2002-08-30 12:38:29
Also not "Shakespeare didn't copyright, why should you?"
I hate to be simply putting down these phrases instead of helping create one, but there is also a simple problem this this phrase. The obvious reaction is "I want money; Shakespeare was probably well-to-do already." If Shakespeare was well-known as someone who was much more 'ordinary' (some think he might not have even existed), then the prase might work.
2002-08-30 14:59:43
brainstorming out loud
Quote Me, Go to Jail
Quote Me, I Dare You
Quote Me, In 150 Years
Think About This Later.
Food for (Future) Thought
2002-08-30 18:05:07
More Comments Sought on -> Not "Free Mickey"
"Free the Mouse" is better, because of the double meaning of mouse.
2002-08-30 18:10:33
Also not "Shakespeare didn't copyright, why should you?"
I'm not sure this is such a problem, since Shakespeare wasn't well-to-do, and I think people mostly know that (but I could be wrong about that).

More of a problem is that Shakespeare is from quite a long time ago, and the law changes a lot.

Shakespeare did have to deal with pirating, by the way--he did not intend for his sonnets to be published, and by all reports was not too happy about seeing them in print.

On the other hand, if they hadn't been pirated, they might not exist today.

2002-08-31 15:26:52
Expired copyrights are the best copyrights
My entry for Lessig in 3 seconds or fewer:

"Expired copyrights are the best copyrights"

2002-09-01 14:41:55
More Comments Sought on -> Not "Free Mickey"
But really, isn't the computer mouse the first you'd think of and lose people then?
2002-09-01 16:45:23
To "Free Mickey", or not to "Free Mickey"
i actually agree even though im the one who lifted it from the lessig flash presentation and submitted it. i do think there could be better ways of saying what we are trying to say. although honestly i think the best option is to spread more than just one adhesive meme that we can all appreciate. we are trying to spark creativity that happens to be concise enough for people to "get it" in three seconds or less... not just to find a single magic bullet bumper sticker/web banner. what we are really trying to do is out-create the "creativity industry", which actually isnt very hard. i think "free mickey" is cute and attention getting and cuts quickly to a point, although admitedly not all the points we want to focus on. would go very well with 3 or 4 other major stickers as a good start. i hadnt thought of the association with a computer mouse though. that adds a nice little kick to it. relates to freeing content and our ability to use it.
2002-09-02 11:46:40
More Comments Sought on -> Not "Free Mickey"
You've got a point--but I wonder if there's a way to combine them?

In my mind, I'm seeing an animated gif or a flash that alternates between "Free Mickey" printed under/over a computer mouse and "Free the Mouse" printed over/under the "mouse with bars" logo.

It'd make a great flicker button, too--I guess they still make those--and could be used as a text ad. I don't think it's right for a bumper sticker, though.

I like this, 'cause it links two endangered species of freedom.

2002-09-03 22:37:31
software patents bad
I wish I could claim the credit, but it's actually something Lessig said at the harvard ilaw conference.
2002-09-12 11:03:34
Who are the real criminals?
Who are the real criminals?
The Music Industry, or You?
2002-09-12 11:09:07
Who are the real criminals?
this of course only works if its used as a 3 second opening point into a larger discussion of what is meant by criminal and the long list of things the music industry has done or has lobbied to gain the ability to do... the real question should hinge on whether free, unregulated, and fair use are really to be treated as more of a crime than the assorted industries eliminating our rights to such by embedding control into the tech itself and hacking into our computers with a free pass to cause whatever damage they want.

it would be nice to see a good flash animation (or a dozen), a few good web banners, and bumperstickers doing something with this...

2002-09-12 11:44:45
Imagine America without Freedom
recently the Ad Council has had a series of tv ads on what it would be like if America wasnt free. they have focused on things like newspapers being treated like contraband and certain books being asked for in a library being cause for ominous secret agents stopping you and taking you away for "questioning". the parallels with the drug war and the free use battle we are talking about here, deserve to have a similar approach. what i would like to see to go along with all of these attempts to explain lessig in 3 seconds or less is a larger effort to take this message to the general public. we have the resources and the skills, the creativity and drive are what is at question right now... and im pretty confident we have those also. im thinking it might be a good idea to turn this little exercise in creative bumbpersticker making into a larger project... to start with by making a website based on the foundation of some of the things that have already been done. its just a thought, and im sure we all have just as full a plate of things to do as anyone else, but it would be interesting to see where it might go.