Lessig in Three Seconds or Less - Winner!

by Steve Mallett


Not only is the message conveyed in a mere second, it speaks volumes in only two words. Our winner is Frequency451 who noticed it from one of Larry Lessig's presentations.

The most important part of the contest was to create something that would spark a deeper interest in a more lengthy conversation. The issue is deeper than any bumper-sticker motto could possible explain, but we only have 'three seconds' to explain it.

I believe that "Free Mickey" does that. And that is backed up in the contest forum. It was the entry that created the most debate among all entries. What other criteria could there be? That was exactly the point.

A bonus point also goes to Frequency451 for choosing a winner that is both a derivative work and from the public domain. No doubt that Lessig created his presentation with much influence from the Eldred v. Ashcroft case he's working on which has a working motto of "free the mouse". Hence "FREE MICKEY" would be a derivative work. I'd also assume that Mr. Lessig would place his presentations in the public domain since that is the point of his Creative Commmons work.

Is it better that the current "free the mouse" meme? No. But, as we found, one may be better than another depending on who your audience is. "free the mouse" with people who can identify with technology and "Free Mickey" with those who'd identify with the cute little guy rather than an input device.

Frequency451: contact me directly through OSDir.com. I'll verify you through O'Reilly.

Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it? C'mon, really? How about donating to EFF.org?


2002-09-24 07:58:46
Original posting has some updates
For the readers, just wanted to point out to the readers that the original weblog (http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/wlg/1855) has some good new entries posted in the last week, namely:

Limit Copyright: Liberate our past and free our future
(by ryenke)

When our creative history is under lock and key, the future is bleak indeed.
(by kldavis at uchicago dot edu)

2002-09-24 12:25:15
"Free Mickey" still says it best
Imagine a sad black mouse in white gloves, short pants ... and leg irons. They've bled him enough, it's time he went free.
2002-10-09 19:09:25
Hey Mickey
Oh mickey
your so fine
your so fine
you blow mind mind
Free Mickey!
Free Mickey!

here are the lyrics to Hey Mickey:


anyone feel like reworking the lyrics and adapting them to a nice little copyright struggle political parody?

...just a thought. could go nicely with a flash cartoon design competition for an animated music video to go with reworked song - prefrebly to be held by EFF if they are interested. any takers?

as for the contest, i just found out about the results last night. ill claim the donation to the EFF as the prize tonight sometime.