Let's Tag RubyQuiz!

by Gregory Brown

One common criticism of the RubyQuiz is that the quizzes are 'too hard'.

I don't think this is necessarily true. It's more likely that the difficulty comes from the RubyQuiz being so diverse in the topics it covers.

It might be easier if we could sort through and find the quiz topics we're interested in.

Using del.icio.us, we can easily tag the quizzes with the tag rubyquiz and then a series of topics for each quiz.

Then, when people visit quizzes, they can look up the tags for the page to see at a glance what the quiz covers.

We can also go to the rubyquiz tag to see a list of related topics, and then see just the quizzes that fall under topics we're interested in.

If the idea catches on, maybe JEG2 would include some sort of handy way to view these tags right alongside quiz summaries. Even without it, this would still be helpful for anyone using del.icio.us that likes the RubyQuiz.

I'm going to spend some time today tagging, and I'm hoping others do the same. Let's help make RubyQuiz even better by making it even easier to reference the many cool topics it covers!


John Nunemaker
2006-10-19 07:20:31
James and I are actually in the process of redoing Ruby Quiz. I'll talk to him about it.