Light the Fiber with XML

by Simon St. Laurent

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It's been a long time since I've seen an XML project that really applies XML in new ways to the heart of an old problem, but I'm happy to report that XCP is using XML in ways that go well beyond the Web Services vision.

Instead of applying XML to data problems where people expect transparency, the ><CP consortium takes XML into areas where people have grown used to opacity and pretty much come to expect that they'll either have to use tools or read binary as it comes off the wire.

I also have to give them a lot of credit for taking this further than the Web Services folks have. Web Services is about connecting organizations that have the time to publish services or write (or buy, borrow, or steal) code that consumes those services. The ><CP work aims to connect everyone with XML, working at a lower level in the network stack than Web Services, which seems to keep building the stack ever higher.

Admittedly, they haven't gone as low in the stack as an older IETF proposal for XML at the IP layer, but I don't think anyone thought that was practical anyway.

They also deserve credit for thinking ahead to merchandise, making it easy for people to look like they've studied this deeply at a conference somewhere.

I haven't given a lot of endorsements over the years - I think the last one was for some version of SVG - but I'm happy to have signed on with this group of distinguished folks.

Have any innovative uses for XCP?