Lightroom 1.2: Maintenance Upgrade

by Mikkel Aaland

Going from Lightroom 1.0 to 1.1 was a major upgrade, with considerable changes to both features and performance. Last week Adobe announced Lightroom 1.2 and while there are no new features, there have been some under the hood changes that you should be aware of.


2007-09-20 18:18:21
Definitely seems faster especially rendering of full-size previews.
2007-09-21 00:06:07
Definitely is faster on my computer, and a friend of mine has reported the same. I was having a terrible issue with my LR, no matter how large or small the catalog that made using any hotkey a 30-second debacle. For instance, pressing 'P' took a long time, but just selecting the Pick button in the toolbar was instantaneous. Now 1.2 has fix the issue entirely (although I can't say just reinstalling 1.1 wouldn't have fixed it as well...).

Anyway, needless to say, I'm very, very happy with 1.2.

A great thread at (a forum that I hang around at a lot) about 1.2 can be found here:

Was wondering when someone on this blog would make mention of 1.2 in some way or another - I was hoping for a breaking news story when it was first released over week ago, but no such luck... :)

2007-09-21 03:06:07
I am having an issue with multiple catalogs. Using the Open Recent and clicking on a catalog I had open previously causes LR to clear them menu as if I had clicked on the "Clear Menu" option at the bottom of the list, the first couple of times I though it was just me missing the bottom catalog, but the last time I was very careful!
Russ Campbell
2007-09-21 06:23:47
I upgraded to 1.2 within a day of its release. I hardly even notice that I made the change except that I lost my customized Identity Plate and my system seems more stable -- used to crash from time to time when I used a large catalog or selection. I use Windows XP.
Mikkel Aaland
2007-09-21 07:37:58
Thank ALL of you for your LR 1.2 comments! Great stuff. Keep it coming!
Mikkel Aaland
2007-09-21 08:26:27
And BTW, Gary, I have the same trouble when I use the Open Recent [catalog] menu command. My selection doesn't open and the list is cleared. (This is on a Mac.)
2007-09-21 12:35:32
Well, the "Import Photos from Device" is broken, for me on the Mac with a Nikon D40 and for a coworker on a PC, with a Canon 350D. "Import Photos from Disk" still works.
2007-09-22 01:51:34
Andreas, I'd suggest (as I'm sure many other would as well...) that you always move the photos to the appropriate place on your HDD first, then import to LR.
Mikkel Aaland
2007-09-22 07:32:57
Andreas, I 've tried using LR to import directly from my camera (and card) several times, going back to 1.1, 1.0 and even earlier betas. I've always run into trouble and finally I've stopped using this method. I do what Scott suggests: move my photos directly to my hard drive, then import into LR. When I do this I don't get the advantage of renaming files (unless I move or copy my images on Import) but I get the peace of mind that it will work.
Gary (a different one)
2007-10-03 12:45:14
I find the idea of renaming my source files (my "negatives") totally abhorrent. The camera happily generates a unique name for each image. Using Canon's software I download them into a unique folder name based on the shoot date (and which is subsequently extended with a handful of basic keywords). I then allocate keywords to each image as it's imported and then further refine that as required once they're in.

I may rename images on export if relevant to their purpose, but not otherwise.

I've got non-destructive editing of the RAW files - and, er, non-destructive file naming.

2007-10-07 21:35:11
I have LR 1.2 for on XP SP2. From Slideshow, after I flag images and hit play, the screen goes black and nothing happens.
2007-10-10 08:58:29
i have this prblem with LR 1.2 and metadatas. It looks like my LR does not seem to understand when it updated the metadata. so if the automatic metadata update is on, it keeps on doing it. as you can imagine, this slows things down a lot. without it, it is not slow, but it does not preserve changes. and if i save metadata manually, it still shows that changes need to be saved on the metadata...
2007-10-15 22:28:42
I tried updating to 1.1 and to 1.2 without success. I keep getting the error message:

"Lightroom couldn't update the format of its catalog file and must quit."

I tried what it said to do in the "Catalog corruption error message" Tech Note I was referred to in the error message dialog box:

"Use a back-up library or catalog in the default location to access your preview cache and preferences..."

I tried two different backup files and got the same dreaded error message. Nothing worked. Couldn't update to 1.2. Still stuck in 1.0.

What am I missing?

2007-10-19 19:12:41
I have LR 1.2 running on a Dimension 9200 - Intel(r) CoreTM 2 Q6600 Quad-Core with 4GIG RAM.

I started by creating one catalog and was hoping to create all my folders on it.

However, it was clear that LR cannot handle too many photos in one catalog.

My largest catalog has about 5,000 images and it has been giving me problems for a while now. When opening LR it does not render images well and photos are pixleted. It takes the program a few minutes to render the all catalog and only then that it would do a better job. Even then, every now and then, it takes the program a while to response.

Another problem that could be RAW images problem, images seem to loose all saturation when transfered to LR. Compare to JPEG, printing from RAW as is (unedited) is by far less "punchy" and flat.

I now created different catalogs for wedding,schools, sport and portrait sessions. I also intend to create a different catalog each month keeping number of images per catalog low.

Do you know of any other solutions?

Oh, i forgot, LR crashed on me a few times already (installed a months ago on my new system).

2007-10-24 18:28:58
lightroom 1.2 crashes every time i select the develop module on my vista machine, but works perfectly on my xp computer.
Mike R
2007-11-03 05:12:29
I don't have an option to "move" when I want to import from a CF card. All I get is the "Copy" option and it takes over 30 minutes to complete the process. Things were much quicker in earlier versions.