Lightroom 1.2 Upgrade Troubleshooting

by James Duncan Davidson

For lots of people, the upgrade to Lightroom 1.2 seems to have gone smoothly. Mikkel describes it as a maintenance upgrade. For me, however, it wasn't quite as smooth. After upgrading, I'd run into spinning beachballs that required a force quit. I'd also run into images where Lightroom would put up the "Working" notice and never render out the image. And, more than a few times, some images in the develop module were displayed from their thumbnail view and all pixellated.


Simon Woollams
2007-09-22 08:29:37
Hi James, I had a similar issue when upgrading to 1.1. All images imported after the upgrade were fine. But older ones all had errors. I tried all the techniques you tried, but it still didn't fix the catalog. In the end I had to create a new catalog and then import my original. Apart from a few preferences which had to be reconfigured, it is now working fine. Now I will be backing up my catalog before I install any updates!
Sean McCormack
2007-09-22 08:43:20
FWIW, there is no upgrading of the database between 1.1 and 1.2.
James Duncan Davidson
2007-09-23 00:56:19
Sean: Good to know!

Simon: Yah. I was very thankful that I've been having Lightroom write the XMP sidecar data. It slows things down a bit, but would have made it somewhat more palatable to build a new catalog from scratch if needed.

2007-09-24 02:20:15
Same problem as you regarding the rendering of images...

Hope that a fix appear soon.


Kim G
2007-09-27 15:09:05
I've had a few different problems (as mentioned on your blog). To fix them I tried uninstalling LR (the release notes say to just delete the, then reinstall. But, the installer says there's nothing to install. I'm not sure why. In other words, I'm not sure what the installer looks for to determine if LR is already there or not. I emptied my trash, restarted my computer, and I still can't reinstall LR. I'll try moving my presets folders and see of that helps. Hopefully the LR forums are back online.

LR is a huge step in the right direction, but it's clear we still aren't there yet. It is a 1.2 release after all.

Troy Gaul
2007-10-06 23:43:40
To be able to reinstall Lightroom on the Mac once you have deleted it (or to install a previous copy), it seems you have to delete the installer receipt file in your /Library/Receipts directory on your system drive.
2007-10-08 16:29:47
Is anybody experiencing troubles with metadata? It looks like my LR it is incredibly slow as it seems not to understand when it updated the metadata. so if the automatic metadata update is on, it keeps on doing slowing things down a lot. without it, it is not slow, but it does not preserve changes. and if i save metadata manually, it still shows that changes need to be saved on the metadata...