Lightroom 1.3 Release

by James Duncan Davidson

It's out. The release we've all been waiting for—at least for the last few weeks. Lightroom 1.3 has hit the streets and brings support for running Lightroom on Leopard, some new camera models, and an export SDK.


The new cameras supported are Canon's 1Ds mkIII and G9, Nikon's D3 and D300, Olympus' E-3 and SP-560UZ, and Panasonic DMC-110. Additionally, there's support for Canon's sRAW format and Fuji's compressed RAF format.

As far as Leopard compatibility goes, the print module is working again, but there seem to be a few issues with the newly minted Leopard 10.5.1 release and some of the presets. I'll know more about this shortly as I've just downloaded the release right now and will be giving it a full workout.

You can read more at The Lightroom Journal and the Photoshop Services site.


2007-11-16 06:41:04
I'm still running Tiger and don't have plans to upgrade to Leopard any time soon. Is this update worth doing for other reasons (bug fixes)? I might be interested in the new SDK and Flickr exporter but it's not a high priority as I use flickr uploader now and am happy with it.

I'm not having problems with LR at all and am hesitant to fix something that's not broken. Thoughts?

Terence Davies
2007-11-17 15:13:49
Your link for the 1.3 update for lightroom goes to Adobe lightroom site another link takes you to the Adobe download site if you choose Photoshop lightroom/update/windows the latest one is 1.2 not 1.3.
James Duncan Davidson
2007-11-19 08:04:02
Terence: The Adobe website seems to be experiencing lots of problems and not presenting a consistent experience. I downloaded the 1.3 update using the link I posted above, but it seems that I was luckier than some. Direct links were posted on the Lightroom Journal, where many other people have complained:


Hope that helps.