Lightroom Adventure Excerpts to Get You Started

by Colleen Wheeler

One of the features on our new Inside Lightroom site will be excerpts from the upcoming book Photoshop Lightroom Adventure by Mikkel Aaland. Each self-contained piece will give you handy insight into a specific area of Lightroom to help get you up and running. The first of these is a bird's-eye overview of the Lightroom Modules.

As part of his process for working on the book, Mikkel assembled a team of top-notch photographers and launched a photographic adventure in Iceland to see how Lightroom worked in the field in real time. The results will be featured in the book, and you can get a sneak peak at the beautiful images in these excerpts. You also get to benefit from all that real world photographers' experience and discovery, a popular and useful feature of Mikkel's digital photography books.


Some members of the Lightroom Adventure team captured in the Library module (clockwise from the left: Derrick Story, Angela Drury, Martin Sundberg, Peter Krogh, Melissa Gaul, Russell Brown, John Isaac, John McDermott, Mikkel Aaland, and Addy Roff). Photo by Mikkel Aaland.