Lightroom Adventure Iceland Slideshow

by Derrick Story

Mikkel's wonderful book titled, Photoshop Lightroom Adventure is nearing completion. What makes this effort so unique is that it combines an expert guide with gorgeous images from Iceland, all captured by the Iceland Adventure Team. It's coffee table meets workstation. Brains and beauty.

As I was digging around for some tidbits for the project, I ran across a slideshow that we used as an introduction for our talks about the Adventure. I decided to re-master the video and publish it for Inside Lightroom readers.


You can see a preview of Mikkel's upcoming book by watching the Iceland Lightroom Adventure Slideshow. It's only a 7.6MB download that runs 4:39. And you can order the book today.


Stephen Tate
2007-05-25 09:53:13
Hi Guys
Lovely slideshow, does anyone know what the piece of music is?
Andy H
2007-05-26 07:10:15
Cool slideshow. It looks like LR generated but saved out as a quicktime movie? Can you explain how to do that?

Or if this isn't the forum for that, could you point me towards some resources?



2007-05-29 08:05:54
So what we did was create the slideshow in Lightroom, played it, and used screen capture software to convert it to QuickTime. Since I'm on a Mac, I used the movie version of Snapz Pro X. It's a workaround, granted, but until we have better export from Lightroom, this approach seems to be my best option.

As for the music, I purchased royalty free music from online. It's an affordable way to get pro quality soundtracks that you can publish with your photos.

2007-08-16 19:38:32
please send the iceland lightroom advemture slide show...thank you.