Lightroom and Keywords Part III

by Johann Gudbjargarson

Last week I mentioned different ways in Lightroom to tag pictures. On of these methods is "Keyword sets," and I'm going to talk about that feature in more detail right now.

Keyword sets are basically a grouping of keyboard shortcuts for different keywords to make tagging quicker and more effective.

Keyword sets can be found in the Library module in the right panel in the Keyword element:


It is a set of 9 keywords (3 rows and 3 columns) which have a corresponding shortcut key from 1-9 (notice how the numbers are laid out exactly like the keyboard numpad for a very effective shortcuts). The combo box above the set matrix shows different keyword sets that come standard with Lightroom and user defined keyword sets.

To define a new set choose Edit above the set dialog appears:


Here different keywords are entered and then press save to save the set.

When the Alt key is pressed a keyboard shortcut numbers appear in front of each keyword in the set and when the number is pressed the selected picture(s) are tagged with that keyword. I find the Keyword set to be especially helpful to tag people on pictures after shoot. The predefined Landscape set is also very helpful.

In my opinion this is one of the best ways to tag pictures that have many different elements like pictures of people. I start with tagging pictures in a shoot with all things that they have in common and then I go over them and tag each picture if needed with keyword shortcuts from the sets.

Next week I will talk about Hierarchical structure of keywords.