Lightroom Crop Madness

by Mikkel Aaland

Ok, here’s a question that has me stumped. Maybe someone out there has an answer, The question comes from Eric Charles, directed to me on the ASMPNorCal Lightroom forum. He wonders if there is a way to set a specific crop ratio as a default in Lightroom's Develop module.


Sean McCormack
2007-10-24 20:51:06
The quickest way to apply a crop to a bunch of images is to select them and then use the Crop Ratio preset tool in Quick Develop to apply a crop to them. If you can't see this tool, click on the black triangle to the right of the 'Saved Preset' menu.

Now this only applies a centered crop and needs moving, but at least it's the right ratio.

Mikkel Aaland
2007-10-24 21:20:11
Hey Sean, thanks for posting. Must be early morning in England (or is it Scotland?). Anyway, I know what Eric will say: "But I still have to go through the pop-up menu each time to find my desired ratio." He wants a way to make a new default. There is no way to do this, right?
Tim Sewell
2007-10-25 01:37:55
I don't know if this helps, but when I'm going through my finals from a wedding and cropping a lot of them to 5x7 I've found that if I don't hit 'Enter' or click 'Done' after each crop, LR saves the crop nonetheless but leaves the cropping viewport open for the next image still set at the same aspect ratio.
2007-10-25 02:17:21
You can copy the develop settings and apply them either directly or save the develop settings as a template.
2007-10-25 03:43:26
Like Sean mentioned, but from develop:

If you select all and then crop the active image, the same crop is applied to all selected images. I've had this happen when it wasn't desired and been surprised to see the thumbnails all magically change shape ..

Sean McCormack
2007-10-25 09:25:59
Most definitely Ireland.

John Beardsworth would say West Brit... While I did attend a 'West Brit' college (Trinity College Dublin), I'm not one of them!

I've been requesting that Crop can be saved into a preset, but in truth it's exactly one menu click to get it to all the images, which is what applying a Develop Preset takes.

For the person that mentions Crop syncing to other images in Develop, this is only true if you are in Auto Sync mode, or if you press Sync.

2007-10-26 11:46:27
An Irish friend did tell me it was a great way to wind up those living beyond the pale.....
2007-10-28 14:38:29
I'd love this feature as well. It's less selecting a bunch of images and doing something similar to them, it's more being able to make the pull down default to something of one's choice (still leaving the other choices of course).