Lightroom: Hidden Wonders

by Ken Milburn

Well, they're not so much hidden as easily forgotten. In this blog, I'm going to remind you of some of my favorite features that are so subtly presented in the interface that, if you're not careful, you can easily forget are there. Of course, if you start using them often, they become such a habit that they become unforgettable.

1.Be sure to include "all rights reserved" in your personal metadata, not just "copyright Your Name 2007"
2.Don't forget to use collections. Then you don't have to move an image out of its catalog. Put images into major collections, then create sub-collections and put the appropriate ones into there, too. Start now. It takes a long time to go backwards and cover all the collections. The good news is that any collections are useful, so adding more is just more useful. Also, as you build collections and then process images, you may want to add some of those images to certain collections.

3.Should you convert to DNG? Pro: DNG is a format that's likely to last a lot longer than a proprietary format for a specific camera. Con: You may have uses for non-Adobe RAW software that won't read .DNG files because their makers are competing with Adobe.

Read on to be reiminded of some things that you'll find especially useful to remember in the Develop module.


2007-09-06 10:32:31
Great tips, thanks for posting. Another trick I've come upon in LR is in greyscale/bw 'mode', using the temperature slider in the basic panel often provides a great way of creating beautiful bw conversions without having to change each colour channel separately.