Lightroom in Costa Rica

by Ken Milburn

Well, I’m headed to another country to do a bit of babysitting. Some old friends have a ranch in Costa Rica in a stunning location just south of one of Costa Rica’s national parks. After a couple of weeks of hanging out with them, they’ll be vacationing in Mexico. During that time, I have to take care of their lovely estate, complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, and horses. So I’ll be able to keep you posted on what it’s like to be using Lightroom steadily on location in the tropics. After all, O’Reilly’s already done that for Iceland and the Antartic…so why not someplace smack dab in-between?

The best time to winnow and edit in Lightroom is on a plane to a cross continent or international destination. There’s lots of time to do it in and nearly no distractions whatever.

I have a confession to make: I rarely do as much editing and keywording as I should…even given the efficiencies of Lightroom. It’s not a very good excuse, but the reason is that I’m simply too anxious to get on to the next project. So what happens is that when a big trip or a long location assignment happens, my laptop hard drive is crammed to the gills. So then, I’m motivated to get rid of stuff I don’t need and to do a better job of cataloguing the images I do need.

There is one problem, though: juice. Not the kind they serve on the plane before breakfast…the kind they don’t serve on the plane while Lightroom sucks up your battery power. The good thing about that, though, is that when your laptop dies you’ll have time to read the travel books about the place you’re headed for and the manual for that new camera you bought and expect to use when you arrive.


2007-09-13 10:32:41
Got plenty of sunblock?