Lightroom on Leopard in Mid-November

by James Duncan Davidson

According to the official Lightroom team blog, we've got a few weeks to wait before we'll be able to run Lightroom seamlessly on Leopard:

The good news is that we’ll be releasing an update in mid-November that will address key compatibility issues.

OK, I know this takes time, but arrrgh. But wait, there's more!

The interaction between Leopard’s Time Machine and Lightroom’s catalog files is unknown at this time. Running Time Machine backup or restore operations while Lightroom is in use is not recommended until more information can be obtained.

So, even if you're willing to put up with not being able to print and import dialogs disappearing under the main window, be careful out there.


Sean McCormack
2007-10-29 21:19:41
Even Apple have Time Machine issue with Aperture (both use SQLite for the database, so it's the same problem for both)
2007-10-29 22:07:38
If Adobe had access to Leopard, why they didn't put out a update as soon as the OS was out?
Amit Karmakar
2007-10-29 22:53:10
From memory this is the first time Apple and Adobe seem to have not communicated with each other well... quite an interesting trend! Lucky the other basic and develop modules are working...
Kevin Steele
2007-10-29 23:37:46
Also seems that Flash galleries in the web module are broken in Leopard. For now I have two boot drives: tiger and leopard.
2007-10-30 05:56:03
It appears all is not cool when it comes to time machine and how it handles (or not in this case) updates to database-type files.
2007-10-30 20:18:54
I'm confused. Does this mean the November update will provide Time Machine compatibility, or that we'll have to wait for a future update for that?
2007-10-30 20:46:00
What's more, a great deal of my photo's that have been imported back onto my mac running a clean install of Leopard are causing the finder and preview to crash and/or lock up. Not good. My work around has been to export all the photo's that are in my Lightroom library to desktop and re-import them. I lose all no destructive edits I have done as well as meta data and so forth. Leopard is not playing nice.
James Duncan Davidson
2007-10-31 19:29:51
Chris: The information I've seen so far doesn't say anything about a fix playing nicer with Time Machine. I'll be happy to just see it running and will work around any Time Machine interactions if needed.

Amit: It's not the first time Adobe and Apple haven't been in sync. After all, how long did it take to get a native Photoshop on Intel-based Macs? Adobe does things at their own pace.