Lightroom on Spring Break

by Mikkel Aaland

Canyon de Chelly: It's spring break for my two daughters, Ana (6) and Miranda (10) and I'm blogging from a 23-foot rented RV parked in a campground near Canyon de Chelly. This is not an Iceland-style adventure, but it's shedding some light for me on using Lightroom in the field.



2007-04-05 18:00:08
Hey Mikkel, interesting post - thanks for sharing with us. Hope your vacation is going well (aside from the photos). One thing you could consider doing is importing everyone's images, and then deleting (from your Lightroom library only) the ones you or they don't like. You could then obviously keep all of your images and just the best of theirs, and then you wouldn't clog up your library too much. My $.02.


Mikkel Aaland
2007-04-06 09:18:32
Scott, you are right. That is an option, albeit a little time consuming. And it still doesn't address the video clip issue...Adobe Bridge CS3 actually previews video clips, which is nice.
Jay River
2007-09-05 19:05:09
Here is a film clip laced with history from Canyon De Chelly:

It's from a dvd on Edward S. Curtis, which bears on other Indian lands as well.

More info:

ES Curtis Film Clip

The Indian Picture Opera


Amazon link:

The Indian Picture Opera