Lightroom to Flickr: Kinda Easy

by Derrick Story

iPhoto and Aperture users have nice plug-ins to go from their photo management apps directly to Flickr. While we wait for Lightroom's plug-in architecture, here's a nifty way to streamline your Flickr workflow.

First make sure you have a current copy of Flickr Uploadr. Then designate Uploadr as Lightroom's additional external editor. Choose Flickr Uploadr as the post-processing option during Export, and the tool will open with your selected Lightroom images. Adjust your metadata as normal, and send them off.

I first stumbled across this tip from on MacOSXhints. I've used it successfully when uploading images to The Digital Story Flickr Public Group.


2007-08-09 10:02:07
I'm not sure I get the step of setting the external editor. Fortunately, there's a more direct way to do this that only involves working with the export presets: Using OSX, drag an alias of the Flickr Uploadr application into ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Export Actions. Then directly use the Export command: Set up a new preset with your desired settings, and set the post-export option to Flickr Uploadr --- which will appear in the menu now that you have the alias. Now you simply have to Export.

This preserves keywords and skips the step of setting Uploadr as an external editor. If your exports are primarily with flickr, you can save time by using the "export using last preset" command -- cmd-shift-alt-e. There's much more discussion (including specifics for Windows) in one of the flickr/lightroom groups.

2007-08-09 10:16:17
I would say that's even more easy :) This looks like a great tip Alan. I'm going to set it up and give it a spin. Thanks for posting it.
2007-08-09 10:24:53
Now, can we please have Lightroom integration with dotmac (.Mac)? While I'd love to be able to upload a new album to my .Mac website with one-click, I'd rather not have to use iPhoto in order to do it!
2007-08-09 10:32:05
It also works very well with 1001 a free uploader for mac wich is lot more useful than flickr uploader.
Mike Champion
2007-08-09 11:14:08
On Windows I found that I needed to launch the Flickr Uploadr first, or it would crash. But once it was opened, the export worked properly. I followed the steps here.
2007-08-09 13:45:48
As of v1.8 PictureSync automatically installs an export action for use with Lightroom. Currently there is however no immediate benefit to using PictureSync versus other uploaders unless you want to use rules, or you drag and drop your originals to PictureSync (in which case it'll remember your uploads--and can later be used to update them). See directions here.
John Beardsworth
2007-08-09 13:49:39
You're slightly confusing two things here. By defining Uploadr as the second editor, it does get added to the choices in the post processing steps but that's at the cost of losing the ability to launch a proper second editor such as Lightzone from the Edit With right click command. Instead, from the post processing drop down, go to the export actions folder and add to it an alias (or on Windows a program shortcut) to Uploadr. You can use this alias/shortcut method to launch lots of other programs, all the while keeping your second editor intact.
Sam Rohn
2007-08-10 22:10:52
on mac OS X, just set flickr uploadr prefs to resize images, then drag and drop images from lightroom to flickr uploadr on the dock, boom - done