Lightroom vs. Aperture: Wrap Up Article

by Michael Clark

Well, after a few weeks of comparing Lightroom and Aperture my final field test report is up on the Inside Lightroom website. For the last few weeks Micah Walter, on the Inside Aperture site, and myself have been conducting parallel comparisons of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. It has been a very enlightening experience for me. I have learned a lot about both Aperture and Lightroom, including a few tricks that I didn't know about Lightroom - and some that aren't even in the user manual! Thanks to all of you who posted comments on my blogs and Micah's.

My article is not so much a technical evaluation - save for the image quality and RAW conversion comparisons - but it is more about the usability of each application. I found Aperture to be a complex editing and RAW processing program compared to Lightroom. While I definitely came away from the comparison very happy with my choice of Lightroom for my workflow, I would suggest you give my article a read and then click over to the Inside Aperture website to give Micah Walter's article a read as well. Between our two articles it should be a fairly balanced appraisal of Aperture and Lightroom.

I will confess that before the test I thought both applications were more than suitable for my workflow and I had very little bias between the two. But now, after the test, I have to say I am very biased towards Lightroom and I don't think Aperture would work for my workflow. I'm sure I could make do with Aperture if I had to but thankfully I don't. And I'm sure there will be quite a few comments on the article because of my findings, especially dealing with the image quality section. I have thick skin so have at it.

I will resume next week with my normal blog posts each Monday. Next weeks post will talk about the very useful Targeted Adjustment tools in Lightroom and how they allow you to work directly on your image.

That's it for now. I'll be out of the office all week on a backcountry ski tour in Colorado shooting for several clients. So if you post comments or questions here or with the article I'll take a look at them this coming weekend.

Adios, Michael Clark


2007-03-17 10:36:31
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