Lightroom Workflow 1.1, Part II: Developing

by Ken Milburn

Now we're at the point in the Lightroom workflow where we're ready to move into working in the Develop module. Well, almost, anyway. Just before we do that, it's a good idea to put the Library's Sorting Order to User and then drag and drop to group shots that have the same white balance, exposure, and contrast considerations so that it's easy to select the whole series for simultaneous developing.

For some types of shoots, you may need to send images to a client or colleague before you actually take the time to develop them. After all, you'll spend less time developing if you only have to develop the images that are actually going to be used. So I flag all the images that I'm going to submit for consideration, make Virtual Copies of them in the Library Module, and then Auto Adjust each of them before exporting them to a JPEG folder that will be uploaded to the client. If the situation demands showing the client exactly what the finished develop might look like, I'll also pick one shot for the series and develop that according to the workflow below. About half the time, it ends up being the chosen shot and then there's no need to waste time on the rest of the images unless and until the time comes when you want to use them for other purposes.


Dennis Bullock
2007-07-19 06:19:23
Great stuff Ken. I have a set workflow for Lightroom but this series is bringing up some good points that I plan to work into my process.
Les Haig
2007-07-20 10:42:07
Great stuff Ken (but someone's already said it) - look forward to further episodes.