Lightroom Workflow, Part III: Special Effects Developing

by Ken Milburn

Not only does Lightroom make picture-(technically) perfect developing possible in an instant by using the panels in the Basic and Tone Curve sections, you are also given several means of affecting specific regions, colors, and special effects within Lightroom. That's what I'll discuss in this segment of the Milburn Lightroom Blog blab. Part IV will be all about incorporating regional processing in Photoshop and LightZone by accessing them from within Lightroom.

LR Workflow color effects.jpg


2007-07-26 14:25:52
Vivacity = Vibrance slider?

Ooops. Yes. That's it. Vibrant Vivacity :-) Ken

Richard Earney
2007-08-01 05:33:33
Also lots of presets at Inside Lightroom