Lightroom Workflow: Slideshow Presentations

by Ken Milburn

I've already written about the Slideshow module in a general way in an earlier O'Reilly blog. This blog is just to emphasize it's use as a quick way to communicate the results of a shoot to a remote client, fan, or editor.

I've found it important to rank, title, do preliminary exposure and white balance adjustment, and crop the images that I'm going to place into the slideshow before I send it to the client. One advantage of sending it to a remote client is that there's a smaller chance that the client will see images that you're not particularly proud of, for whatever reason.

Workflow Slideshow Module Settings.jpg

Next, create a User Template called Client Slideshow by clicking the Add button. Then all the settings I'm going to recommend below will be automatically made, so it will speed the process for you.

From the Lightroom Templates panel list, choose Default.

In the Overlays panels, check all three boxes. I like to make a custom identity plate with the name of my business at the top for presentation slide shows. That way, anyone the main client calls in to take a look at the show gets to be reminded of who the photographer is. I also check the Text Overlays and Rating Stars boxes. Text Overlay shows the file number. You can cheat and show the file number and a slide title at the same time if you've actually named your files with a title in them in addition to the camera's file number. Then punch the number of stars (0-5) that you want to give to each image to let the AD know which pictures you want to use.

Now all you have to do is Export your slide show, so click the Export button. You can see the dialog below.

The beauty of it is that you can scale and specify the slideshow just as if it were a JPEG. So you can make it very easy to email. I'm showing the Export dialog below, so you can see how easy it is to access the sizing and quality options.

Export slideshow.jpg


2007-08-24 17:29:42

Thanks for your informative post. I'm relatively new to Lightroom, having used my camera software for RAW conversion and CS2 for image editing. In my initial studies, I've concentrated mostly on the Library and Develop modules (Mikkel Aaland's book, "Lightroom Adventure", has been very helpful) and have ignored the Slideshow module up to now. After reading your article and trying your suggestions, I created a few pdf files and viewed them in Adobe Reader. I can see how this process can create a professional looking, easily emailed presentation for those interested in my work that can sometimes substitute for a hard copy presentation.