Lightroom's Print Module and Color Management

by Mikkel Aaland

What I love about the Lightroom's Print module is you are not limited to sending one image at a time to your printer. With a click of the print button you can send your entire Library to the printer, or if you want, or just one image at a time. Ready-to-use presets turn your selected images into a variety of sizes including contact sheet size. You can also create your own custom presets as well. I also find its color management relatively straightforward and easy to use. Let me explain.


2007-03-16 06:17:00
"Blog" - or do you mean the "bog" that is colour management?
2007-03-16 07:41:56
Yeah, bog...the word is appropriate! I think I'll leave it as is.. even though I meant "blog"!
2007-03-21 14:30:18
Having problems with colors being too dark. Printer is Epson Stylus Photo 1800. The print preview is useless as it does not reflect the finished product. I don't understand .icc. Your information is quite good and I really appreciate your explanations. Could you explain? I'm a novice but really trying.
2007-03-28 05:28:25
how do you turn off Black Point Compensation in LR?
I'm using Epson 2400 in Windows with profiled colour management. To 'manually' turn this off I've had to export to PS.
2007-03-29 23:03:11
I am using a Canon 9000 and don't see the "other" option in my print settings-color options-color correction dialogue box.

I really like a lot of things about this program and have about 20 days left to decide to buy or not. So far I have issues with both print quality and the website functions.

I can't get decent print quality and have to go out to photoshop to print. I'd like an easy straight forward way to accomplish this. I have no desire to learn to become a computer engineer and many of the solutions I have heard seem to require that you be one.

Secondly, I love the websites function. However I can't figure out how to upload a slideshow with music on the website function. I've created a great slideshow with music and can't figure out how to share it with anybody.

Finally, is there a way to 1) add a hit counter to the website and 2) a way to link to (or add to) a previously published Lightroom designed website? Thus far I keep creating websites with differnt addresses when I add a page to a previously uploaded lightroom generated website. Sorry if this is not the proper place to post these questions, but I'm getting a bit frustrated ... and I really want to love this program.

2007-04-05 11:31:47
Marc, I don't know why you don't see "other" in the Print Job Color Management pop-up menu. Email me more specifics off-line and I'll see if I can help.
David Plotkin
2007-04-25 10:56:12
Mikkel: Interesting and informative article. I have two color printers, an HP OfficeJet and a Canon Pixma IP6000D. Neither printer driver allows me to specify ICM color correction as an option anywhere I can see. Further, the Color Management tab allows for only two options -- Automatic and Manual. There does not appear to be anywhere I can turn off color management by the printer. What am I missing here?
2007-05-03 17:07:36
David, I don't have the drivers you mention... so I can't comment. My Canon and Epson drivers do have the color options I mention (albeit ColorSync for a Mac). Sorry I can't be of more help.
2007-05-06 20:08:08
I too would like to know how to turn off black point compensation in Lightroom. I'm also using the Epson R2400.
2007-05-28 14:35:27
Is there a way inside of Lightroom to see which colors are out of gamut? This would be useful in deciding if I should use perceptual or relative.
2007-05-28 17:51:36
Zeke,I don't know of a way to tell if colors are in or out of gamut in Lightroom except by trial and error. Sorry.
2007-06-12 09:01:21
Correct me if I'm wrong but, haven't we always been told not to use colorsync? I thought that we were supposed to use no color adjustment...
Henk Schrik
2007-09-03 02:24:25
Thanks for Your information. I have one problem. If I select "Other" (LR), there is only one profile: BJ Color Printer Profile 1999. How can I become more profiles in this box? In the profile-box from the printer (Canon S 6300), I can select (and add) as much profiles as I want.
2007-09-12 20:30:08
Hey,I am having problems since I began using lightroom in my workflow.I use Costco for my prints,and they do not match.should I change the color space when exporting , to SRGB ?
2007-09-12 21:35:00
Cristy, what are using now? In any case, try sRGB and see what you get. I'll be curious to hear if that helps.
2007-09-12 21:45:48
Henk, normally Lightroom finds the profiles automatically on your system and displays them for you to choose from... if nothing is listed when you select "Other" then choose Managed by Printer and let the printer driver handle the color management. Hope this helps...
2007-09-19 19:25:51

You can actually download the printer profiles for Costco printers.

Choose your location along the left.

Then, go here ( for info on how to use the profile.

Adrian Ward
2007-10-24 15:52:08
All my prints from light room are to dark...any suggestions
C Eastman
2007-11-10 16:06:17
When I click on "Other" and choose the paper profile (I print with an epson 3800) LR revert to 'Control by Printer' e.g am still confused for I want to have LR or CS3 control but without Roundtrip to Photoshop. Can you enlighten me with a checklist. My LR is V 1.2
Regards, c eastman
2007-11-13 13:17:12
Like many users with an Epson 1800 I find the prints too dark, flat and with a red cast if I print from lightroom but the same files print fine with CS2. Anyone help?
2007-11-22 19:56:53
How do I get Lightroom to print a good photo. In Elements or Phtoshop the print looks pretty close to the screen and original scene. In Lightroom it's not even close to color, quality, brightness, etc. There are complaints all over the Web. How do I fix this in Lightroom?
2007-11-23 20:06:36
Jack & Tim, I had the same problem. File prints perfectly from Photoshop CS2, but has red cast when printed from LR.

This all went away when I changed the Rendering Intent from "Perceptual" to "Relative". It turns out that in CS2 I always use "Relative Colorimetric", and LR's default seems to be "Perceptual".

FYI, I'm using an Epson R800 (same inkset as R1800) with profiles downloaded from Epson.

Also, make sure in the Epson Properties to set "Color Management" to "ICM", and "ICC/ICM Profile" to "Off (No Color Adjustment)". I use these settings for both CS2 and LR.

Gary O
2007-11-27 09:59:48
I am using a Canon iPF5000 and am wondering if there any plan to move to using the export module like CS3 does and if Lightroom is 8 bit or 16 bit in respect to printing?