Lines On Images After Export To JPG

by Allen Rockwell

LinesOnExport.jpgIt was reported some time ago that many Aperture users were seeing strange lines on their images after exporting to JPG. While it seemed that this problem was solved in v1.5.1 it seems that some people (including myself) are still having the problem from time to time.

The fix seems to be to download the Apple Digital Camera RAW Support Update 1.0.1 (Universal) which can be found HERE.

I downloaded the update, installed it and then did a test batch export and I did not see any nasty lines in my images. If you are having this issue, downloading the update seems like the thing to do.

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Allen Rockwell
Allen Rockwell Photography


Al Pierce
2007-02-25 22:50:19
I believe that would be RAW 1.1, not 1.01, and I have never observed the lines using 1.1
Allen Rockwell
2007-02-25 23:20:05
Can you post a download link to the RAW Support Update 1.1? All I can find on is 1.0.1 which is what I just installed.

2007-02-26 08:35:29
I just noticed this last week.


Romain Guy
2007-02-26 10:50:21
Thanks a lot! I do see those lines from time to time.
2007-02-26 19:02:39
Just for clarification, it is indeed RAW Support Update 1.01. The main purpose of this was to add support for new cameras in Aperture (maybe OS X overall, though). RAW 1.1 (decoding) is something else entirely, and was an update added in Aperture 1.1.
Yoshi Abe
2007-02-26 19:28:20
Perfect! This info is exactly what I had been looking for. This weird line issue was forcing me to add an extra couple of steps to my export routine. A big thanks from Tokyo.
Al Pierce
2007-02-27 00:10:01
My bad, it is indeed Update 1.01


2007-03-04 11:14:46
I don't even shoot in RAW and I'm having this problem when exporting versions from Aperture 1.5 to iPhoto 6. Very annoying.